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Black cat polymer clay planter by Talty Black cat polymer clay planter :icontalty:Talty 103 33 Snail by Talty Snail :icontalty:Talty 33 15 Mother's Day Bookmark by Talty Mother's Day Bookmark :icontalty:Talty 52 49 Vegan mocha cake and recipe by Talty Vegan mocha cake and recipe :icontalty:Talty 98 31 Polymer clay owl pendant by Talty Polymer clay owl pendant :icontalty:Talty 178 42 Polymer clay cake necklaces by Talty Polymer clay cake necklaces :icontalty:Talty 120 40 Funny cat faces by Talty Funny cat faces :icontalty:Talty 100 28 Bakery rings - Polymer clay cakes by Talty Bakery rings - Polymer clay cakes :icontalty:Talty 121 34 Polymer clay beaded maki dustplug by Talty by Talty Polymer clay beaded maki dustplug by Talty :icontalty:Talty 42 13 Bonni and Zuko by Talty Bonni and Zuko :icontalty:Talty 98 48 Polymer clay owl necklace by Talty by Talty Polymer clay owl necklace by Talty :icontalty:Talty 116 63 Skull commission by Talty Skull commission :icontalty:Talty 87 41 My baby Freddie's 3rd birthday by Talty My baby Freddie's 3rd birthday :icontalty:Talty 52 32 Clay red rose bookmark by Talty Clay red rose bookmark :icontalty:Talty 138 99 Polymer clay cake rings by Talty by Talty Polymer clay cake rings by Talty :icontalty:Talty 172 78 Cherry pie earrings and tutorial by Talty Cherry pie earrings and tutorial :icontalty:Talty 299 84

My Favorite Submissions

Everything is for sale!


MondCAKEZ by kimchikawaii MondCAKEZ :iconkimchikawaii:kimchikawaii 76 19 Mr. Bunny by kimchikawaii Mr. Bunny :iconkimchikawaii:kimchikawaii 208 72 Lady Snowflake by AngelaSasser Lady Snowflake :iconangelasasser:AngelaSasser 1,237 107 Art Nouveau by TheMinttu Art Nouveau :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 1,597 97 Chupacabra by kimchikawaii Chupacabra :iconkimchikawaii:kimchikawaii 124 68 Lucky Cat by kimchikawaii Lucky Cat :iconkimchikawaii:kimchikawaii 223 52 Mondkatze: Gift by kimchikawaii Mondkatze: Gift :iconkimchikawaii:kimchikawaii 94 24
Stuff I would love to own one day!
Well dearest people, we had a great month of DDs! Please don't forget to send me and pinkythepink your DD suggestions, specially if you think that any gallery is being neglected! DD suggestions were a bit low last month, so hopefully they'll pick up in September :) You can also find Pinky's DDs for August here.

:icontalty: Features by Talty


Do you like history? Do you life crafting? Do you want to write the history of a craft for projecteducate? It's an amazing opportunity to share your love and knowledge for your craft!

Contact me for details :dummy:
So many great Artisan Craft contests and events are going on!

It's our week in projecteducate and more amazing events:

Welcome to Artisan Crafts Week!Artisan Crafts Week
Welcome to Artisan Crafts Week on projecteducate :la: This is the second time this year we've prepared a week dedicated to Artisan Crafts, and we hope to make this a regular thing :meow: The Artisan Crafts gallery is probably the most diverse gallery in DA, there's a lot to explore and love about it.
We also want to invite you to join CRArtisanCrafts to stay updated on Artisan Crafts events, news and contests.
Here's the week we've prepared for you, we hope that you'll join us and enjoy! Thanks to all the people who collaborated to make it possible, we couldn't have made it without you.
Artisan Crafts Week
8th Monday
AM: Welcome to Artisan Crafts Week! by Talty
PM: Contest announc
Be A Guiding Light: Tutorial Contest! 2 days left!Contest Time!
Dear deviants,
projecteducate is launching a brand new contest for the month of August. The theme of this contest is tutorials.
Why tutorials?
A big part of our mission here at projecteducate is to help educate the DA community both with regards to art mediums and DeviantArt in general. Many of you have written incredible tutorials for us in the past. Tutorials are how most of us learn more about art nowadays. Tutorials help us improve ourselves, make our lives easier by finding shortcuts or little tricks, they help us refine our art and become the best artists we can be. Here on DeviantArt we also have an amazing Stock and Resources gallery, of which one of the sub-galleries is tutorials. Our stock CVs, Cassy-Blue and mercurycode do a fabulous job of highlighting some of the incredible tutorials available to you onsite. It truly is an art to create such resources for fellow artists! A very essential art.

What kind of tutorial?
#CRACDIY [vol. 4]CRArtisanCrafts (CRAC) wants to help you discover a whole world of crafty info and helpful hints that are all over the web. We're introducing you to this new journal series featuring hints, tips and clever, fun DIYs from the best blogs on the internet. All you have to do is follow the link to see the original blog and the full tutorial. We also invite you to use the #CRACDIY hashtag if you try any of the DIYs featured. Who knows you might get featured in a future post of #CRACDIY...
Cress Cups with a Face
See all the instructions here.

July+August Artisan Crafts ChallengeWinners

Congratulations Katinka-Duval and LauraLynnTreasures for winning the Dress Challenge! Please don't forget that September's challenge, mexican food is already running, so go ahead and join!


The theme for July and August is "Dresses".
This time the challenge will run for 8 weeks to give artists with complicated crafts a better chance of entering. The theme is dresses, but they don't need to be wearable! Anything that portraits the theme of dresses is acceptable.
Artisan Crafts and/or Traditional > Sculpture only!Join #CRArtisanCrafts and submit to the
PE: Artisan Crafts Week ContestArtisan Crafts Week
Let's kickstart this Artisan Crafts Week with something fun :la: And the best thing is that you don't even need to be a crafter to participate, you just have to love Artisan Crafts as much as we do!
The theme of the contest is "Why I love Artisan Crafts"
You don't need to be a crafter to participate.
We want to know what is it that you love about Artisan Crafts (or the AC gallery). Crafters, beginners, or fans are all welcomed to participate. You can do anything that you want to show off what you love about this magnific gallery: a craft, a drawing, a journal feature, narrate a story, a photo... be creative!
Are you excited? We are!
All media is accepted, as well as journals.All entries must be submitted to DA and the contest between August 8th and August 22nd.In the artist comment section write down that it was created for Artisan Craft's Week on projecteducate and
Summer Contest: Part 2 Let's craft!Welcome to part 2 of this awesome contest that seeks to bring the Stock & Resources and Artisan Crafts galleries together. On part 1 the S&R guys created beautiful images for you to use and get inspired by. We want to invite everyone to craft, so there will be novice and intermediate/advanced prizes. We hope that you will join the fun!
The concept
As crafters we often require references, but we don't always remember that DA has a whole gallery full of resources at our disposal. Need to sculpt a skull? Decide a background for that cabochon? Find the perfect action pose? Figure out the parts of a cat's leg?
Monthly Feature Challenge: FOODStitchingPirates
Etsy Shop
Usually Live Chat
:bulletpink: Hey everybody! :la: One of the areas of artisan crafts I do a poor job paying attention to (and really, I should fix that!) is [Culinary Arts]. I'm always impressed when I go into that gallery at all the amazing things people do with food!
Of course... you don't have to actually know how to make stunn
August Contest [+winners]The winners of our August Contest are...
Trophy 3rd 3rd place

by NVkatherine
Trophy 2nd 2nd place

by Vivacia18
Trophy 1st 1st place

by Pamigu
Clap :clap: :jumpingjacks: :clap:
Thanks to everyone that entered the contest! There were lots of great entries!
Raichu la plz Mew La Plz Bulbasaur la plz  
Ye Olde Sampler Contest - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!Welcome to Stitching Pirates the Cross Stitching Juggernaut.
Aims & How to join + Submission Guidelines +
Advertisements & Links + Facebook Group
:bademoticon:      by Fusainne
:ladummydate:      by Rae18
Happy Bouncing Lily      by jen-random
:skullbones:  Now that the announcement has been made, please note Mattsma with your email and mailing address for your prizes by September 20, 2016 to ensure an expeditious sending of your prizes :D
:skullbones: Curious how you placed?  If you would
August ChallengeCozy

:knitting: Bullet Pink :knitting: Bullet Pink :knitting: Bullet Pink :knitting: 
This month we are inspired by all the cozies! A cozy is a cover for a teapot, but could also be a cover or wrap for any kind of (usually small) thing to keep it warm or protected, like a mug cozie, apple cozie, even a baby cozie! Be as creative with the theme as you like and any type of project that you'd normally submit to the group is acceptable.
Bullet; BlackThe Monthly Challenge is not a contest.
Bullet; BlackIt's just a way to encourage inspiration (and use up some of that yarn stash!).
Neglected Floss SAL for AugustWelcome to Stitching Pirates the Cross Stitching Juggernaut.
Aims & How to join + Submission Guidelines +
Advertisements & Links + Facebook Group
Magical525 and   Mattsma have come up with a way for you to use that neglected floss you have laying around.  For some of you, it probably bothers you just a tiny bit that you have these flosses that never get used or there is just a tiny bit left of some specialty floss that you may never use again in a pattern so here is the best way to ensure you use every  one of them at least once, or finish them off entirely!  Gifted floss, those bobbins that sit quietly in your floss boxes, bags, or drawer never getting used or are forgotten…oh yes, we have something fun
Ok guys it is time to ask you again :heart: What are you expecting of me as a CV? What else would you like to see? What else can I do for the AC community?

It will soon be 10 months since I joined the CV team, so this may be the last time I ask :la: don't hesitate to give me feedback! I still have a bit of time :)

Quick DD Guidelines



We are the Artisan Crafts CVs!

  • I only take Artisan Crafts suggestions, I cannot feature anything else (like scraps).
  • Make sure that the deviant hasn't already received a Daily Deviation within the past 6 months. FAQ #313: How can I find out if someone already has a Daily Deviation?
  • Send your suggestions to only ONE Community Volunteer!
  • If you don't agree with a DD please contact me, the artist often has nothing to do with the feature so don't complain to them.
  • Here's my detailed DD guidelines.

How to suggest

Just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and add the subject: DD Suggestion include the thumb code along with the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation.

I may not reply to all suggestions but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion :heart:.


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I love your Polymer tutorials, they're useful!

I also drop the comment just to ask a question :

Will Polymer textures (like bread, choco shavings) stay intact after baking it for a few minutes?

Are Polymer still bendable after baked or simply just break like a soft brick after it is baked?

I honestly haven't seen or know you used baking sometimes to harden your polymer
but if you don't, then it is alright to just say No

I'm quite curious and eager to start sculpt something with a polymer!
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