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Crafters, be proud!

Fri Feb 12, 2016, 6:00 AM by Talty:icontalty:

Artisan Crafts Week

I love to browse the Artisan Crafts gallery, read the artist's description and have a look at the comments people leave behind. I sometimes read comments like this:

  • "Wow! That looks great, like it's mass produced!"
  • "It's not perfect of course, there's some mistakes since it's handmade."
  • "I think that the fingerprints/imperfections are ok, because they make it look handmade."
  • "Crafts can't be perfect, we're not machines."

... and I cringe every time! Worst of all, sometimes it's the very artist the one putting down their work. I want to tell everyone to STOP thinking less of your work and your skills, and be proud of everything you do! I'm here to encourage you to always do your best, always appreciate your work, and always be proud of everything you do! Handmade is the best!!!

Handmade is always best

When was the last time anyone complained that their drawings aren't as good as a printer's? Or who ever said speed cameras take the best photos? A crafter is no less talented, and no less of an artist! Name any factory-made item, and I can guarantee that there's many handmade versions that are superior in every way. You can try it for yourself: look for pens, plushies, vases or scarfs. It's a fun game to play ;) by rodicafrunze
Exhibit A: Perfect symmetry, intricate design, millimetrical precision in every detail. The artist went as far as to craft the back and the clasp. I dare you to find any factory-made jewelry that is this beautiful and creative.

You're better than a machine

You have the best tools there is: your eyes, your hands and your brain. A machine only does what it's told, it doesn't have your creativity or your keen senses. Most production needs to be quality checked by humans anyway! Machines are not flawless. Have you ever examined factory made toys? Try it, you'll easily pick up mistakes in all of them: visible seams, poor fit, lame paint jobs, etc. You won't find a single commercial toy that is perfect (I tried - there aren't any), but any crafter that respects itself will always do their absolute best to achieve a quality job. Some of the most precise jobs HAVE to be completed by human hands, like assembling expensive precision watches or painting perfect straight lines on Rolls-Royce's. So no, I'll never take this as an excuse and neither should you.

Poe Dameron 6'' Black Series Custom Repaint by Armeleia
Exhibit B: Machine vs human. Never think you're less than a machine!

Always strive for perfection

Realistically speaking perfection is not always achievable, but that shouldn't stop you to always try your absolute best, not "good enough" or "I don't have the precision of a machine". It's ok if you're still developing your skills: by always trying to achieve perfection, you'll improve faster than just settling for "this is all I can do". I'm convinced that artisan crafters can achieve everything, no matter how big, small, intricate, detailed, or crazy. Keep trying and never give up!

Yellow Cake Preparation by fairchildart
Exhibit C: It amazes me how perfect is this miniature. The color, translucency, texture and consistency of everything is exactly like it should be, and creates the most beautiful illusion of realism.

Love what you do. Be proud!

Never let anyone put you down.
Never let anyone tell you you're not an artist.
Never let anyone haggle down your prices.
Never let anyone convince you that your crafts are less impressive or valuable than what you can buy in a store.

Love what you do, be your number one fan! That way you'll never let anyone put down what you do. I want all crafters to feel empowered and talented, be confident in your work and in our community, you're all awesome. :)

Wear your handmade jewelry to that office party.
Sport your painted shoes every day.
Display that beautiful sculpture in the most visible spot of your house.
Fill your walls with your framed fusing beads crafts.
Tell all your friends that you'll make the cake toppers for their weddings.

Just don't confuse constructive criticism as something wrong, we all need criticism as a way to grow and improve. I want you to be proud of what you do and never let anyone tell you your work is meaningless, I'm not telling you to get all defensive and stop listening to opinions. There's a very important difference.

Tell us what you think

I want to know your experiences and your opinion! Please leave a comment below, don't be afraid. :love:


Artisan Crafts Week

A few months ago our dear Brookette made a very interesting journal sharing her experience with arthritic pain, and the changes she made to her crocheting tools. Pain and arthritis can be so intense that they can actually stop you from crafting (the nightmare :stare:). I want to invite you to start taking care of your hands and your body now, before you get irreparable damage. Don't wait until you start feeling pain!! By that time the damage is done and all you can do is try to manage the pain. I wrote a few tips to help you, and I urge you to implement them as soon as possible.

Crafting is some serious business -it can be anything from crocheting a doily to welding car rims to create a 10 meter sculpture. Some things hold true to all of them, and I'll do my best to cover as much information as possible. And of course, remember that I'm no physician, so visit your doctor or reumatologist if you believe that you need professional help.

Have you experienced pain while crafting? What do you do to prevent damage? Please tell us your story, and share any tips that you may have.

1. Know what causes damage and pain

If you know what's bad for you, you can avoid it: poor posture, staying still for too long, keeping one position (imagine your hand like a claw), repetitive movements, and stress should be avoided. Lesions can also be craft-specific, like breathing on fumes and dust, chemical burns on your skin, or hearing loss from loud sounds. Ask someone who has practiced the same craft for advice, they may not want you to make the same mistakes.

2. Look for the early signs

Pay close attention to your body and don't ignore the early signs. It's never normal to feel pain in your back or shoulders, do something to change it (and I don't mean taking pain killers - FIX IT). Stiffness or numbness in your hands and articulations should be a warning, try to identify the cause and correct it. It doesn't matter if the signs appear while you craft or a day later, it's always important.

3. Mind your posture

Most of us sit down for hours, crouching down over a project or trying to observe something closer. Your mom told you this already, but I'll do it again: sit down straight on your chair, your shoulders against the back rest, and your feet down on the floor. Take frequent rests to walk around, go to the bathroom, sip some water, etc. I know it's easy to get lost in crafting for hours, so use an alarm if you have to. Try to use the best chair you have, and if your craft allows it try to move while crafting - for example, knit a few rows on the kitchen table in the morning, maybe knit a few more rows on the couch late at night while watching a movie, you get the idea.

Proper posture, people!

4. Upgrade your tools

A lot of work and damage can be avoided by making a few changes, and not all of them need to be expensive. Are you holding your fingers too close when you hold your favorite tool? You can probably extend the handle and give your hand more room. Is it leaving marks on your fingers? Wrap some tape or fabric to give it a softer grip. Observe your tools and try to imagine what kind of improvements you can do. Change your blades often, replace heavy tools with lighter versions, or finally make up your mind about getting that automated tool that you always wanted. Your future medical bill can be more expensive if you don't.

5. Change tasks often

Repetitive movements should be avoided like the plague. Sometimes you can't help it (sorry knitters and crocheters), but if your craft allows it - don't do something for too long. This is something that helped me tremendously, years ago I noticed that my hands started to feel numb at the end of my crafting sessions, and I realized that it was because I was doing a single thing for too long; Now I plan my workload ahead of time and texture a couple of slices of cake, then move to mixing some frosting, then work on a couple of roses, etc. Try to mix things up, it'll also keep you interested.

6. Exercise your hands and body

Warm up before starting, stretch your arms and your back and just enjoy pampering yourself for a few minutes. This is especially important if your craft involves physical strength (like building furniture or forging), make sure that you get your muscles and joints nice and warm before you begin. If you work on crafts that require precision, stretch your hands and shoulders often to avoid stiffness. I recently learned this tip, courtesy of NevaSirenda, and I can't wait to test it.


I had a similar problem when I was doing calligraphy (it didn't help that it was in an unheated studio in upstate New York in the winter.) My doctor suggested I bake bread. The repeated kneading action helps keep the joints soft and limber without the pressure of a harder resistance like you get with the ball, plus the warmth and enzymes from the yeast works its way into the joints to keep the cartilage flexible. When I was doing art and calligraphy for three or four hours a day, I would bake bread once a week and it helped a lot. And nothing lifts my spirits like the smell of bread baking! :) (Smile)

7. Find the support you need

Brookette found comfort in her compression gloves, and I can't tell you how much I love my wrist bracer. :heart: Experiment and see what works best for you, there's a lot of possibilities: research different models, materials and levels of compression, and you can wear them while you craft or when you're done. My bracer holds my wrist aligned, so I use it when I need to make a lot of repetitive movements. My bracer is also made of neoprene, so I use it to keep my muscles warm and aligned after crafting: 30 minutes of wearing this, and I'm pain free the next day!

Thumbs up for my bracer!

I hope that this article will help you prevent damage, or manage it if you're already feeling some symptoms. Take as many tips as you want, and if you have more please share them with us! Remember to take care of yourself, so that you may have many long years of crafting. :)


Artisan Crafts Week

If you're reading this it means you're alive, and if you're alive you have to eat. Eating is more than just filling your stomach with food, the experience starts from the moment you step in the kitchen and plan your next master piece -and yes, food is art! Preparing food is one of the most common crafts, so we want you to see it as an opportunity to be artistic. And hopefully, you'll see this as an opportunity to experience the world of the Artisan Crafts.

The Contest

We want you to bake, cook, prepare, mix, or toss whatever inspires you. No limits: salads, cakes, sandwiches, smoothies, candy, cocktails... if it's humanly possible to eat it, we want to see it! Try to get a bit creative with the ingredients and the presentation, try to think of your plate as a blank canvas and food as your medium. Before you eat it all, take a photo and upload it to DA. And have fun!

The Rules

  1. The contest will run from February 8th to March 8th. Entries must be submitted to DA between those two dates.
  2. Everything must be made by you! It's ok if someone takes the photograph for you, but the cooking or baking must be made entirely by you. Please don't try to enter what you ate at a restaurant last night, or what your mom cooked for dinner.
  3. You have to submit your entry to Artisan Crafts > Culinary Arts and the appropriate folder in CRArtisanCrafts.
  4. In the description box write a few lines about your inspiration, your process and the ingredients you used. This will help us understand your work and judge it fairly, and some ingredients are not always obvious.
  5. If you use someone else's recipe (book, blog, pinterest, cooking show, etc) you need to credit it properly and add a link (if possible).
  6. You have to say that the entry was made for this contest and add a link to this journal. You can't submit your entry to other contests.
  7. You can submit ONE entry per week, and up to four entries for the entire contest. If you miss a week you can't submit two entries next week.
  8. Each participant can only win once.

The Judges

Judging will be decided by the current Artisan Crafts CV (Talty) and two of our past CVs: cakecrumbs and maytel, who are experts in everything foody. We will take into consideration the creativity, execution, the artistic qualities of your submission and the quality of the photograph. The price or rarity of the ingredients won't be taken into consideration. Photography doesn't need to be professional, but try to keep the background clutter free, get a good illumination and a good focus. A few things can go a long way! We recommend these tutorials:

The Prizes

We will pick 3 winners, each will receive:

First place: 6 months core and 1000 points.
Second place: 3 months core and 500 points.
Third place: 1 month core and 300 points.

*Prizes are courtesy of the Community Relations Team.

If you have any questions please contact Talty or leave a comment below. Happy crafting!

Welcome to Artisan Crafts Week

Mon Feb 8, 2016, 2:00 AM by Talty:icontalty:

Artisan Crafts Week

Welcome to Artisan Crafts Week on projecteducate :la: we're very excited to bring you a lot of information and share our love for Artisan Crafts. We want to invite you to explore our corner of DA, and hopefully what we have prepared will encourage you to try crafting! There's so many crafts and they're all fascinating, there's something for everyone.

Please don't miss what we've prepared: there's tutorials, informative articles, beginner guides, and even a contest! The contest is something everyone can try, so please look out for it later today :) we would love to receive a lot of submissions, but more than anything else - we want everyone to enjoy crafting as much as we do!

We also want to invite you to join the Community Relations group for Artisan Crafts, CRArtisanCrafts and stay updated on this fascinating world! You don't need to be a crafter, fans are welcomed!


Artisan Crafts Week

  • 8th Monday
    AM: Welcome to Artisan Crafts Week! by Talty
    PM: Contest announcement by Talty
  • 9th Tuesday
    PM: All about paper by SinistrosePhosphate
  • 10th Wednesday
    AM: So You Want to Crochet Amigurumi by Mouselemur
    PM:  The ergonomics of crafting: 7 tips to avoid pain by Talty
  • 11th Thursday
    AM: Beginner tutorial to crafting toys (WoW tauren) by miaushka-workshop
  • 12th Friday
    AM: Crafters, be proud! by Talty
    PM: An introduction to gemstones by Dark-Lioncourt
  • 13th Saturday
    AM: Taking photos with your cellphone by Talty
  • 14th Sunday
    AM: Contest reminder by Talty
    PM: Wrap up by Talty

Crafty Features

Sun Feb 7, 2016, 3:00 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!

Pink Crochet Baby Booties by ArtisanCreations
Water Blossoms FINISHED by ChaosFayWiremonk Mask by WiremonkAzteca by SellaAtelierOmbre Lace Mermaid Goldfish by vaniLonely Mai - Avatar: The Last Airbender Original by Catleen9Pigasus by kalmanbariABB Sweet Shoppe|2015 HBS Creatin' Contest | Sign by abohemianbazaarMiniature Papercut - Papercutting - Paper art by ParthKothekarReno cosplay by ShunsukeCosplayPoe Dameron 6'' Black Series Custom Repaint by Armeleia

Crafty Features

Wed Feb 3, 2016, 3:00 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!

billfold vegan wallet with 5 slots and coin pocket by annachronicoI Love Breakfast by Captain-LolitaMr and Mrs by mashalevene#20 : Hyacinth by AnwenAtelierCorian Pendant,Symbol of Horse,Wood Pendant. by RenatTufe1:12th scale 1950's style knitted wedding dress by buttercupminiaturesViolet Chafer by SMartin777Black and White Dress by PearlPandoraFused Glass Table by hello07734Untitled by sandMachineEowyn in Ithilien by Flower-in-dust

February Artisan Crafts Challenge

Mon Feb 1, 2016, 12:00 AM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.


The theme for February is "Purple".

  • Artisan Crafts and/or Traditional > Sculpture only!
  • Join #CRArtisanCrafts and submit to the Monthly Challenge Folder
  • In your artist comment box please write that this entry was made for CRArtisanCrafts's challenge + add a link to this journal.
  • The entry must be new and submitted between February 1st and 29th.
  • Your entry can't be submitted to any other contest or challenge.
  • The challenge will only take place if we get at least 3 submissions. If we don't the challenge will be canceled for that month.
  • One submission per deviant. 


The challenge will run from February 1st and 29th.

If we get 3-4 entries: One winner will receive a 3 core membership and 500 Points
If we get 5+ entries: Two winners will receive a 3 core membership and 500 Points

Enter by submitting to the correct folder here.

Prize Allocation
To the winners: you should receive your membership a few days after the announcement. Receiving the points can take a bit more time, you should receive those in the first two weeks of next month. If you have an issue with not receiving your prize, please contact Talty or Brookette as we are the organizers of this challenge.

Previous Challenges:
September AC Monthly Challenge
October AC Challenge
November AC Challenge
December AC Challenge

Can you believe the first 1/12 of the year is over? :stare: I feel that just yesterday I was celebrating new year, and now it's time for the first round up of the year. We have a beautiful gallery, full of different crafts and techniques, I'm doing my best to represent them all and I'm always trying to improve. If you feel that any craft is not being properly represented, please let me know... or even better, send me a suggestion :lol: Please keep sending me amazing suggestions guys!

Hammy rascals by Naervon Blossom Breeze OC Plushie!  (Featured in DD!) by moggymawee Knit, woven scarf (OC) by Tessa4244 Kangaskhan Pokedoll by Bubble-Rhapsody Even Lovers Drown by Yutaan Decoration / Step by Step by DUSTYSHAD0W Untitled by ericfreitas Handmade Bunny by AGZR-STUDIOS Old glass jars got a new look :) by absolugirl Toothles pair by sindos AEtherized Infantry Comms Officer's Gauntlet by barlogg Merry Christmas... by tishaia Chibi Killers by Heartstringcrochet Capella DD 1/14/2016 by YouniquelyChic Greek sunset by Irrisssha Fenrir by Ugrik buttermilk cake by BezwzglednaRyba Wooden bowl koi fish pond by ChibiPyro Bryonia, Bryony - Elven Leaf Amethyst~ by QuintessentialArts Chocobo XIV - Art doll by Piquipauparro Elegant Japanese girl completed cross stitch by YANKA-arts-n-crafts BB8 amigurumi with movable head ! by Ahookamigurumi 1839 day dress I by BoundbyBond Miniature Mother Cat and Kittens sculpture by Pajutee Silver necklace and ear cuffs Apple rain by JSjewelry Golden eyed birds6 by RedRiverRoad Italian rapier (1) by Danelli-Armouries Floyd by greencheek White and Gold Beaded Rose Wedding Bouquet by slightly-caustic Repurposed denim tote bag - Peacock Feathers by Caraut Furinkazan by SinistrosePhosphate

Comment 4 comment: crafty edition

Thu Jan 28, 2016, 9:44 AM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

DA recently announced a new feature to encourage interaction and comments between deviants, if you haven't seen it you can check it out here:

Encouraging New Deviant EngagementReceiving comments on your deviations can be one of the most rewarding aspects of DeviantArt. The moment you make the decision to share your art with the world, you're ready to connect with kindred spirits, hear their tips, and share feedback of your own.  The cycle is rewarding for each and every participant.

Starting today, we’re running a few experiments that aim to bring attention to new and undiscovered deviants on DeviantArt.  When such a deviant submits a deviation, he or she will be shown suggested deviations and prompted to leave a comment.  The purpose of this project is to create bonds between new deviants and help people find similar artists to grow with.
This feature is experimental, and we’re testing to see how something like this helps deviants grow as an artist and meet new people.  
Share your thoughts!
Have you been prompted to comment on deviations from fellow deviants?
If so, w

Do you leave comments on other artists submissions? It's really fun, and you get to meet some amazing people :) I try to leave as many comments as I can every day, so I want to invite you all to do the same! We all love receiving comments on our work, but the only way of creating a "culture" of commenting is by leaving comments, not just waiting to receive them. So I'm going to try to promote it, here's how it works:

1. Pick 1-3 crafts from your gallery. Leave the thumb (or link if you're not core) in the messages.
2. Check out other people's submissions, leave comments on anything you like! Try to write a line or two, don't just post "Cute!" or "I like it!".
3. When you receive a comment, reply it! It's rude not to answer to your messages.
4. If you feel like it, check back later and leave more comments.

DON'T LEAVE THE COMMENTS HERE! Comment on each's craft comment section.

It's ok to leave comments without posting your crafts, but it's not ok to just post your crafts without commenting. I'm not going to monitor people, I'll trust you'll all play nice :)

I hope that this will sound fun to you guys, I know I'm excited! :la: If we get enough interest, we can do this every week and exchange comments :) let me know what you think, and comment away!

Crafty Features

Wed Jan 27, 2016, 10:00 AM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!

Ornament by StarPioneer
Stacking Plush: Mini Luna, Artemis and Diana by Serenity-SamaDay of the Dead Felted Skeledragon by HowManyDragonsFlower in the Attic by luthien27Brain Cake by ginkgografixDreaminglass Waverider by absoluteangelMolten Chocolate Lava Cake by theresahelmerMoon moth ooak doll (Actias luna) by SoturisiNES, Catbug, and Beeeeeez by monsterkookiesStrangelove - Metal Gear Solid cosplay by Meryl-samaJellyfish glass pendant by fairyfrog

DD Suggestion Drive! Win prizes!

Sun Jan 24, 2016, 6:07 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

I'm here to spread the word about DDSuggestionDrive
***The next drive is coming in Feb 1!**

What the world is a "drive"?

Britney Spears - Crossroads singing

Mmh... not this one I guess LOL 

The idea of this group is to encourage people to write DD suggestions.

During a "drive" (a period of time, usually a month) your DD suggestions will be counted by the group - the more you suggest, the higher the chance of winning! 

Yes, you can win something, and all you have to do is write DD suggestions. 8-) (Cool)

Read about it first!!!!!

Down fella (Reactions) Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Arrowd  By Mamaelm Down fella (Reactions) 

Read more about how the drive works here:

FAQs1. What is a Drive?
For the purposes of DDSuggestionDrive, a "drive" is a period of time (usually a calendar month) in which the group is actively encouraging all of DeviantArt's members to suggest Daily Deviations. Much like a blood donation drive, the idea is to get as many people suggesting as many pieces as possible within the drive's time-frame.
2. What do I get for participating?
Aside from the warm-fuzzy feeling when one of your suggestions gets accepted, all participants are put into a prize drawing. The chances of winning a prize goes up the more suggestions you make. The three people who suggest the most deviations will also win CMs/Points/Prints based on funds available to the group during that drive.
3. What do you mean "when a drive is active"?
That simply refers to whether or not the group is currently encouraging DD suggestions. When a drive is active, the group posts a blog that is u

Seeking Prizes

Currently there are already 3000+ points in the donation pool, so it's definitely worth participating. NodThe group is still looking for more donations and other prizes if you have something to share.

I hope to get your DD suggestions soon! I salute you!

Crafty Features

Wed Jan 20, 2016, 8:00 AM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!

Rhiamon III- wire wrapped silver necklace by mea00Crochet cute stars by Sefi
Quilled snowflake by pinterzsuSparkly Pink Jacket by pinkythepinkDIY Poison Apple from Snow White by OrthopedicUnderwearCrochet Mandala by BearskitchenBerserk. Farnese by Rina-TimoPink Owls by weebirdCucumber Mantis by Chuncarv
The Temple by mtomsky

The amazing art of AtriellMe

Sun Jan 17, 2016, 8:00 AM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

AtriellMe (Hristo Manolov) is one of the most talented and proficient miniature artists in our community. His scenes are so detailed and realistic that it's hard to believe that they're all miniatures! He makes everything himself - walls, tables, food, swords, you name it! He's talented with pretty much any material, and he has a great eye for structures as complicated as stairs and chimneys. Please take a look at his gallery, even if you're not into miniatures you'll be blown away by his art. I hope that you'll enjoy this interview, I believe it's a great chronicle of his work. Also, please check out his YouTube channel! He makes fascinating slideshows showing his process, they're very inspirational.

I’ve been doing artisan crafts for as long as I could remember. I’ve tried a lot of things from my childhood until today – working with wood, casting lead, making models of ships and planes (even flying models), woodcarvings, other models, a lot of stuff. As years past my works became more and more serious but artisan crafts have always been my hobby and a way to relax. One has to have a hobby which they can dedicate some love to after a long day of work.

Making models of sailing ships was by big passion but I got to the limit of my patience there after making an infinite amount of ropes.

Golden Hind by AtriellMe

I’ve been doing models of room since not so long ago – a little more than an year – but it has proven to be particularly exciting because it somehow combines in itself all my experience with working with different materials and often I even use trash or things from my daily life. I was inspired to make them from a fantasy novel written by a very close friend of mine and from the opportunity to work together on the first model – Dark Library.

One Last Look To The Library by AtriellMe

The next two models, Armoury Hall and Tavern, are also inspired by this novel and are made according to descriptions from it. My inspiration always comes from the past – historical events and fantasy, battles, swords and sea travels. I’m also inspired by tenderness and the eternal theme of love.

Send Me A Song by AtriellMe
Dreaming For Murders by AtriellMeChess by AtriellMe
Some Wine by AtriellMe

December Artisan Crafts DD Roundup

Sun Jan 3, 2016, 2:32 PM
I was so happy to receive so many amazing submissions from you, please keep them coming guys! If you think that any gallery or craft is not being properly represented, let me know and send me suggestions. Happy New Year everyone :) have a very crafty year!

treepeoples by StefanThompson Muhsrooms by Wonder-fox Art Deco Cowl by Brookette Christmas mother cats by Ailinn-Lein Birds by Andulino Hammered Intaglio Fish Plate by Laifierr Big teal kiku kanzashi by elblack Smocked Cowl by FearlessFibreArts finished paper birds for Ralph Lauren by ZackMclaughlin Snarly werewolf mask! by Crystumes The Full Winter Woodland Collection by Daeaye The Squid Girl Inkling Plushie by dollphinwing Goats by AR-Faham Polymer clay cover for notebook, Mysterious forest by MerryGreenKiwi Corset postcard by emiliasforza One of the latest skulls I've been working on. :) by MelissaHylkema Origami owl in a maple tree by Haardod capoeira by kalmanbari Landscape by Radan22 Handmade Chisel Box Decorated With Pyrography by snazzie-designz The Book of Life by r0ra Crackle Mosaic by EvaArtist 4 by EvaArtist Moony by ShirrStoneShelter White Faced Owl Room Guardian by AnyaBoz Introducing....the Quilt Entertainment System! by JessIzMe Aria in Frost - Posable Art Doll by Escaron Rudolph does stumble a busy Santa Claus ! by kyomoncraft Winter earrings by MirachRavaia

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

If you're not familiar with projecteducate, go pay them a visit right now! It's one of the best and most informative groups on DA :)

I'm excited to announce that there'll be an Artisan Crafts week soon on PE! Starting December 7th, be ready for articles, tutorials and AC related events :dummy: it's going to be super exciting, so I hope to see you all there!

If you want to participate writing an article, please let me know! I would love to make everyone a part of this. Keep in mind that the article needs to be educational, for example you can write a tutorial, an introduction to a new craft people may not be familiar with, or a section with tips and tricks for a specific craft. Interviews and general features are excluded from this event, so please save them for another occasion! :)

Please leave a message in this journal with your idea, and don't be afraid to try! I love community participation, and I would love to receive a lot of ideas from the community. Keep in mind that we have a deadline, so if you decide to go ahead and write an article you'll need to have it ready by November 30th.

If you don't know how to write an article or if you don't know how PE works, don't worry! I'll be happy to answer any questions and help you in every way I can :) the PE team has a group of editors that will help you polish and perfect your article, so don't be afraid to try your hand at writing something for this event.

Are you excited? I am! :iconexplodelaplz:

Amazing Halloween Food

Mon Nov 2, 2015, 3:00 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Halloween is past us. Costumes are stored away for the year, spider webs are substituted with snow globes, hangovers are being nursed.  But the Culinary Arts gallery is bursting with cute and creepy food, I was blown away by the creativity and skills of these artists so I wanted to share them with all of you :) Here's some of my favorite submissions for this year, if I missed yours let me know!! Send me a photo of what you had for Halloween :)

Halloween table decoration idea by Pokakulka
Halloween Treats by Codetski101 Halloween Irish Cof by blackheart58 Ghoulish goodies, pic 3 by ladyeyeballz83 Mummy by skittysangoHalloween spider web cookies by MeYaIeM Sugar Skull Cake  by TrainScribbler Halloween table by DarkGrowl
Zombie eyes by DarkGrowl
Shrunken Heads by DarkGrowl Killer Tomatoes by DarkGrowl dead banana #1 by DarkGrowl cucumbers cemetery by DarkGrowl gingerbread mausoleum  by niffer5150 Creepy Breakfast by EvanCampbell Untitled by PopGoesTheWool Coffin Cake 2 by Sleepingvelvet Gateau Halloween ! ^^ by WhiteFeather0 Halloween Cookies by Espevoirvee
Braaaaaains cupcakes by CodeofSpoken
Animal Crossing Jack Chocolate Cake by Kalan
halloween wraps - vampires by Pokakulka Brain Cake by ginkgografix

October's Artisan Crafts DD Round up

Sun Nov 1, 2015, 10:11 AM
Here's the DDs I featured during the month of October :) I hope that you'll like them! Let me know if you think that any gallery or craft are not being properly represented. I want to give everyone an equal exposure, so I appreciate your feedback.

Drawkill FNAF by ArtzieRush Dry Stone Sphere the Thirdly Most by Devine-Escapes Play Time ~ Cindy Commissioin by nEVEr-mor The clock dragon 4 by Albegoyec Hand painted silk scarf- Falling Ranunculus by pilemy 1/6 scale Backpack for a Doll by striped-box Soft Sugar Cookies by maytel Winter spirit Faun by Feral-Workshop Paper Sculpture - Owl by TinyOmelet Dont ever go Book Sculpture by MalenaValcarcel Sapporo Samurai Bracer by GoddessNemesis Idalis by Wiresculptress Apple Pie by Cyan707 Indian Peafowl in Scale 1:12 by JannisKernert Miniature polymer clay raspberry bunt cake by MeganHess Pyrography portrait of a panda bear by brandojones Quilled Dragon of Good Fortune by SpiralArtisan Pink Pinky Pie Floral Unicorn Mohawk by Dolanna Blue Star Dog Mug by cydienne Steatornis by Han-Wik Caterpillar from Alice and Wonderland Walt Disney by Sukhanov Suncatcher rising Phoenix by illustrisdesigns Paper doll by mirukawa Cacomistle / Ring-tailed cat by SaniAmaniCrafts Luna's Remorse by SilverSlinger Mug by Evidriell The miniature world of pumpkins and squashes by miniacquoline HubCat by HubcapCreatures Shieldmaiden of Rohan - oversized book box by RFabiano can covered with polymer clay/winter - FOR SALE ! by Ladybird18 Storybook Unicorn 2 by SagasCottage

Crafty Features

Wed Oct 28, 2015, 4:00 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some recent submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!

Spirited Away-Flake by gubongeeHandmade LOTR Frodo, Sam, and Smeagol v1.43 Set by RbitencourtUSAZuni Sun - Glass Lampwork Bottle by andromedaDouble Sided Hand Printed Chalice Well Altar Cloth by ImogenSmid[Preorder] Felted Dragonites! by xxNostalgicWeeping Angel by ZimtBeadworkKnife sheath by mickchetFrozen : There'll be magic, there'll be fun by oruntiaMirror of The Portress (Scan Version) by Jozephinabrooch by KateKostina

Crafty Features

Sun Oct 25, 2015, 4:28 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some recent submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!

Flower Bonnets by chulachu
Fairy Dust Journal by Pearllight180Links Hama Beads by YumekiaAutumn cat by ShadowisperChoco Deco Box by Heather Ashley by For-He-who-is-grandDragon Leaf Cut by kaikakuIronbridge Cowl by moravidBowls with flowers and one rabbit by skimlines1:12 scale Soaps by AlmadejongeThe Last Unicorn Duct Tape Art by DuctTapeDesignsGeai by serge-ronzeaudSailor Moon and Star vs. the Forces of Evil Wands by xMangoRose1:12 Scale Pumpkin Bread Loaves by fairchildart

Crafty Features

Tue Oct 13, 2015, 3:00 PM

Your official Artisan Crafts group.

Here's some recent submissions to the Artisan Crafts gallery that I found interesting and think they deserve more attention :) (Smile) I hope that you'll enjoy them, don't forget to fave, watch and comment on anything you like!
encrusted vase 1 by cl2007
Sailor Neptune Amigurumi Doll by xMangoRoseFancy Potato Candy-like Cookies by InkArtWriterMy Little Dragon: Bars dark head by SantaniA red and white oranda and a blue oranda! by demetyoubiCommission - Fan by vstonem4Set of jewelery with flowers made of polymer clay by polyflowersBuckwheat pancakes with fruit by kukuramuttaDragon Portrait by LeundraMy Neighbor Totoro Miniature Glass Dome by XXSaturnNinjaSGXXAdventure Time Christmas Ornaments by TiffyyyCuppyCakeClay Sculpture by SerafinaInocenciaSami Children's Mittens by kateknitsalot