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June 28, 2012
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PE - Artisan Crafts ABC II I - M

Thu Jun 28, 2012, 11:19 PM

Last year MyntKat did an excellent work putting together an Artisan Crafts ABC for projecteducate, however the Artisan Crafts are so extensive, diverse and ever-growing that there's still much to cover. In this new Artisan Crafts Week we will explore some different crafts, techniques, materials and popular themes to expand your knowledge of this addictive world. This list is still not complete, and we invite you to share with us your knowledge.

Artisan Crafts ABC: A - D | E - H | I - M | N - R | S - V | W - Z
Artisan Crafts ABC II:
A- D | E - H | I - M | N - R | S - V | W - Z

I stands for Isomalt

Isomalt is a disaccharide sometimes used as sugar substitute. When melted and cooled isomalt has a better clarity and stability than regular sugar, making it superior for sugar crafting and sculpting.

Isomalt Stained Glass by BattledressIsomalt Faux Glass Jewelry by BattledressUnder the Sea by IMntHRimEVRYWHERSugar Love by Sliceofcake

I stands for Intaglio

Intaglio is an ancient printing method that involves the use of an etched piece of metal with the image as a negative. The metal is inked and the surface wiped, so that the ink only remains in the groves and it's transferred to paper by applying pressure. The result is a crisp image with a slight emboss that can be reproduced with certain ease. wisdom-of-trees made a very useful tutorial explaining the whole process.

Pan's Labyrinth Intaglio Print by DustinPanzinoKodama Print 1 and Plate by KazeosekiIntaglio Print by rawrrr009Mystical Dialogue by dimovskas

I stands for Iridescence

Iridescence is the quality of certain objects to apparently shift colors when the point of view or illumination changes. Some artists love to work with it and use it to their advantage, with very hypnotic results.

Iridescent Touch by lisalueraWinter Wings by FaeryAzarelleSpectrolite Cadenza by jessa1155Mermaid Scales Artifact by mermaidencreations

J stands for Jacket

A jacket is a clothing piece that is worn on the upper body, it's light and comfortable usually with long sleeves. Here's some examples from talented deviantART artists.

Steampunk Set PREVIEW by taeliaclaced jacket by yincoMilitary Style Short Coat by nolwenEmbroidered Jacket by hautechicklet

J stands for Journal

Customizing journals is a popular activity, almost every artisan craft can be used to personalize a journal, mixed media is probably used the most.

Wildflower Journal 2 by PaperandDustQuidditch Handbook - New Palm Size Journal by luthien27Small Rose Leather Journal by gildbookbindersThe Sea Journal by Achen089

J stands for Jester

Jesters are a recurring theme for wonderful handmade creations, here's a small sample.

Mardi Gras Jester Moon Buns by MoonYenjester cake by cakelover88Jester by DaniphaeHandmade Leather Jester Mask by OsborneArts

K stands for Kumihimo

Kumihimo is a form of Japanese braiding that creates rope-like strands that can be used for jewelry. Kumihimo is usually performed with a disc with indents on its circumference, the indents are used to hold the thread and move them from indent to indent in a pattern that creates the braid, it's possible to create simple images or add beads to the braid. Gex78 made a very clear tutorial explaining a simple kumihimo.

Rainbow Kumihimo Bracelet by SalamenceClawsKumihimo chocker by knotsmeJapanese Kumihimo Bracelets by DekuPyroKumihimo bracelet flowers by Ravensilver

K stands for Knotting

Knotting refers to the art of creating a piece out of knots, it can be decoration, jewelry, or holders. Macramé, Chinese knotting and Celtic knotting are the three most common examples of knotting. A simple tutorial to make a macramé bracelet can be found here and a video for a simple Celtic knot heart here.

Strawberry Ice Cream by CherryBooBijouMacrame a gift in progress by ForeverCreativeCeltic Knot Coasters by mousiedragon

K stands for Koala

Koalas everywhere!

Koala by NicoleHearnesKoala Cupcake by iliketodoodleKoala by WerwolfkaKoala by alexCYC

L stands for Labradorite

Labradorite is a beautiful stone that can display multiple colors and the optical effect of labradorescence, which is similar to adularescence, meaning that when the light hits the stone from a certain angle it glows from a place below the surface.

Heart of Robyn Labradorite Heart Pendant by popnicuteViolet Summers Labradorite by NambrothLabradorite amethyst pendant by ukapalaLabradorite Oval Pendant by innerdiameter

L stands for Latte art

Latte art is performed only by the most talented baristas by pouring steamed milk into espresso to create a pattern, design, or even writing. The images can be created by pouring the milk alone or by sort of drawing by dragging a stirrer cross the milk. A video tutorial for the most basic designs, a heart and a rosetta, can be found here.

my latte art by IonuutCaffeinated Solar System by LittleBird-ArtsSpider latte by Bohemic-ServantSt. Patrick's Day Latte by MonkDrew

L stands for Lamp

Lamps, in more ways and techniques than I could ever imagine.

Steampunk Lamp -views- by Steampunked-OutTable lamp X - Fractal - by night 7 by CalabarteFlower lamp - 6   Calla lily by OkapiZenLED Lamp - Great Wave by FengDan

M stands for Millefiori

Millefiori is Italian for "a thousand flowers" and it's a technique to create patterns in multicolored glass, the glass is stretched until the diameter is reduced  along with the pattern, giving a small but very intricate design that can be cut into smaller beads. Millefiori beads are popular in jewelry for their beautiful colored patterns. The technique has been borrowed by polymer clay artists as caning, since polymer clay doesn't need to be heated to be stretched it's much easier to use.

Blue Millefiori Finery by BlueMarinesFactoryMillefiori Bracelet by OrionaJewelryFlowers and Faces by Glori305Millefiori Star Earrings by MissPennyFarthing

M stands for Mosaic

Mosaics are images created with pieces of colored glass, ceramic, plastic, polymer clay or any other material that an artist decides to use. The pieces can be perfect geometrical shapes or free form. Mosaics are usually meant to be decorative pieces.

Catalina Macaw Mosaic Final by Dreamspiritpink by mosaic-mastersMosaic bracelet by carimariwilsenachmosaic Aquarium by Mireynos

M stands for Marzipan

Marzipan is an almond product that can be used for candy or to decorate desserts. It's sometimes preferred over the popular fondant because it has a much better taste and a translucent finish, but some people can be allergic to the almond. It's versatile enough to cover cakes, make small figurines or decorations, or even create whole sculptures out of it. Dragonsanddaffodils made a wonderful tutorial showing how to work with marzipan.

Marzipan Rose by tiniMarzipan Fruits by 14purpleflowersValentine by Evelin-NovemberduskMarzipan Rabbit by VeroRamos

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